Jumpstart God’s Supernatural Provision In Your Life!

We’ve been doing our podcast series on “The Supernatural Provision Of God.” Check out our latest episode, “Wealth Is Necessary To Fulfill God’s Covenant Promise.”

 ALSO, In obedience to God, we have recently started a new ministry partnership, E.P.I.C. Visionary Partners. It’s only been a few short days, and the testimonies are starting to come in! God made a promise that as people committed to a monthly contribution to help with the work of the ministry, He (God) would the same supernatural anointing upon our partners that rests upon E.P.I.C. Ventures and its companies. Some people are reporting to see results in the same day!  Won’t you join us? It promises to be the greatest adventures of a lifetime. The Spirit of God says, “Great Grace Is Upon Us All!”

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