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Prophecy for 2016 Just Released!

We have just released our podcast declaring that 2016 is The Year Of Total Restoration!

God wants to Bless His People in ways you could never imagine. We are the generation that will witness the fullness of everything Jesus came to earth to give us. We are the chosen generation!


God Is Calling Our Nation’s Leaders To Repent!

Beloved, this is yet another warning from Almighty God calling America’s leaders to repent. There are events heading to America that will bring our nation to its knees. According to the Lord, the nation’s leaders have strayed from God and have caused the people to sin against God. He is calling political leaders to repent. He is calling church leaders to repent. God is calling every head of household humble himself and repent before Him. We may not be a Christian nation, but America does have a covenant with God. If we do our part and obey him, then he will honor his part of the covenant that protects and prospers us.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14

To Learn More, Listen to our podcast entitled: “What Should We Be Doing In This Season


There Is Supernatural Power In Our Words

Paula Matthews has just released our latest podcast that continues the discussion of the 2015 Prophecy.  In this episode she discusses how Americans want freedom of speech, but in this season they are about to reap an evil harvest of what they have been saying. It’s time to repent. Ms. Matthews exhorts believers to “Stay in the Word. Stay in Faith, and Walk as Jesus Walked.” Jesus did and said, only what God told him to say and do. That is what God expects of all Christians. If we want a better world, we have to speak what God speaks. God speaks the solutions and not the problems.

Listen Now!   You Shall Have What You Say!

Hear the word of the Lord (Released 8/31/14):

“Arm yourselves with the truth! Something is coming your way that could devastate you if you are not prepared. I am your God. Heed my voice, my people. For you are always destroyed because you lack the knowledge and wisdom to forge ahead in this life. Don’t do as you always do and reject the words of my prophets; the words I have spoken and sent to protect you from destruction. Heed my word. Prepare yourselves! My kingdom is your refuge in times of trouble. Come into the kingdom and find safety. These are the days of peril that my Son spoke about. They are upon you, not to destroy you, but to prepare you for his coming reign upon the earth. Heed my voice and you shall be established. Believe in my prophets also and you shall prosper!”

God Is Offering The Church Another Chance At Redemption

As promised, we just released our latest Podcast, “The Church Never Really Believed.”

This is a powerful message from God making an appeal to his church to turn back to him and not to be like those who were overthrown in the wilderness during Moses’ day because of an evil heart of unbelief.