2012: The Year of Increase

This podcast further explains the recent prophecy that Paula Matthews published in which the Spirit of God declared 2012 as The Year of Increase.The very idea of God declaring increase during a time of weak economic conditions seems nonsensical; but God’s thoughts and ways are not like ours. In this teaching, listeners are challenged to recalibrate their thinking to see and hear as God sees and hears; by taking hold of what God is speaking and then calling those things that don’t exist as though they already did (Romans 4:17).

Saying what God says is important; but faith without works is dead; it produces nothing. Obedience is key to obtaining God’s increase. Ms. Matthews gives her personal example of how God desired that she face and walk through death in order to receive her life of increase. She boldly reiterates that 2012 is the Year of Increase; and asks the audience “How Bad Do You Want It?” Increase is here and available to all who would believe God; but the Sons of God will eagerly take the word and bring it to pass with boldness and they will replenish and multiply their resources in the earth.


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