2013 The Year of Supernatural Transformation in Intense Darkness

This is the highly anticipated Prophecy for 2013. The Holy Spirit has given Paula Matthews a glimpse of what we can expect in the days, weeks and years to come. The prophecy indicates that there will be days of intense darkness as evil arises to combat the move of God in the earth. The Christian church is not equipped to handle the level of darkness that is coming to America. God confirms that he will overthrow current church leaders who continue rebel against the will of God for this nation.These leaders have disconnected from the heart of God and can no longer hear the cries of the oppressed. The Spirit of God says that the President Obama was re-elected because his compassionate heart for the people; and the Lord is about to raise up more leaders who have a similar heart so that the Gospel of the Kingdom can be demonstrated in America. God is raising up new leaders; spiritually mature leaders who will stand in their Kingdom authority. Ms. Matthews does warn that further darkness can be expected as Church leaders wage a Saul vs David war against those whom God is raising up. The David’s are coming onto the field to slay the Goliaths that the church has refused to address. In doing so, they will initiate transformation in America that will set the oppressed free and bring our nation back to prosperity.2013 will be a year of great rewards for some and great punishments for others. For those who obey God it will be a supernatural transformation into their destiny.

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