Election 2012: Blessing Or Curse

This podcast contains an urgent prophecy from Almighty God concerning his plan for the 2012 Presidential Election in America. In this episode, Paula Matthews states that destruction is coming upon the disobedient in this hour. God is calling his Church out of darkness and back into obedience before this destruction comes. This message emphatically states that today’s prophecy is not political. It is spiritual. It’s about the prosperity of America. God has placed his anointing and blessing upon Barack Obama to bring the nation back to prosperity. God will raise up a remnant of Believers who will work with President Obama according to God’s plan for America.In a time when political candidates and the Christian leaders are talking economic failure and job losses; God is calling them all “False Prophets.” These are men are impostors who don’t know God or his ways. They have illegal and immoral ways that oppress the American people. God is about to set the people free and take the wealth from these “evil rich men.” God stands on his word that 2012 is the Year of Increase; and he has the people and plan in place to get it done in America.

To read the remainder of this prophecy, check out the Blog (11.3.12) entitled, God Announces an Obama Win and a Romney Exposure” where Ms. Matthews talks more about the Romney curse that is luring Christian leaders into Hell.


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