Enduring The Race With Heart Like An Olympian

In this episode, Paula Matthews highlights topics from her new book entitled, Seeking and Enjoying the True Treasure of This Life, which was written to exhort believers to go for the ultimate prize of God’s treasure within them. According to the Spirit of God, in order to obtain this treasure, one must operate like an “Olympic Athlete in the spirit realm.” No longer can believers expect to do great exploits for the kingdom and their house (body, soul, spirit) is out of order with God’s plan and purpose. All their members must be yielded to the plan and purpose of God; just like the Olympic athlete that goes through extensive physical training, in addition to mental strengthening and spiritual alignment so that the whole being is programmed to be a champion. Ms. Matthews says that God is about to hand out great rewards to those who diligently seek him.This reward is greater than Olympic gold. She exhorts the audience to get their whole house in order and go for the true treasure of this life; whose value will last for an eternity.

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