God Rebukes The Church To Free His Sons

In this episode Paula Matthews declares God’s judgment on the church that will set free President Obama and the company of Sons who are called to revive America in this season. She discusses issues stemming from a recent television program in which Rory and Wendy Alec, owners of GOD TV, were led by God to call the church in America to repentance for attacking the President. Ms. Matthews explains that not only President Obama, but also many whom God is calling prophetically to help America are being hindered by the prayerlessness and the Jezebel style attacks from the traditional church in our nation. Many Christians leaders have dishonored God in the eyes of Americans just as Moses did in the sight of the Children of Israel, and risk forfeiting their own promises coming to pass if they don’t repent.“There will be bloodshed in America,”says God. “For the Spirit of Jezebel stemming from the Christian Church will not loosen her hold without a fight . . . and she shall surely die,” says God. “My plan will go unhindered in America with the men and women I have chosen in this hour. I have said that Mr. Obama has the plan. My people are ready to step forward and man their positions. The witch that rules over my people in America must be cast down.” “Throw that witch down!” says Almighty God, whose plan and purpose for America has been established; and it shall be done! Prophecy received by Paula Matthews on January 28, 2013

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