In Pursuit Of Super Heroic Enduring Faith

Our discussion of the 2011 Prophecy continues with a closer look at the super heroic acts of the Sons of God in the earth, that are defying the laws of nature and causing the entire world to be “Shaken” upside down. In this episode, Paula Matthews discusses what it takes to have super heroic, enduring faith . She demonstrates how obedience to God’s instructions will give people the means to provide for their own needs while meeting the needs of others. In this podcast are amazing stories of how God answered prayers in the most unusual ways. Imagine food mysteriously appearing in your kitchen cabinets. Or getting an apartment with no credit, and having God furnish it with money from an unexpected source. Have you ever pulled dollar bills out of a jar that contains only coins? Maybe God is telling you to make a purchase that makes no sense to you. One man purchased an orange grove and ended up cornering the orange juice market. How? The only orange grove that was not damaged in a deadly frost was the one God told him to buy. These are just a sampling of what Ms. Matthews shares as she encourages the listener to obey God, and follow his instructions, no matter how odd they may seem. Then expect him to provide a miracle in the most unpredictable manner. The key to the miracle is obedience to God’s instructions.


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