Is Gay Marriage A Sin?

In this podcast, Paula Matthews boldly jumps into the controversial issue of Gay Marriage. She answers the question of whether or not gay marriage is a sin in the eyes of God. The message she delivers comes from the heart and compassion of God for all men. It’s not a message of condemnation but rather a message of love and hope; a message that according to Ms. Matthews, the Christian Church has never taught its congregations.The Ten Commandments were given to Moses to identify sin from God’s point of view, but Grace and Truth came through the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. Jesus left only two commandments and both focused on love: loving God first and above all; and loving our neighbors above ourselves. If any man obeys just these two commands, they will fulfill all the Law of Moses. Ms. Matthews compares the “stoning” of gays in America by the Church to that of condemning a blind man to death because he is blind. This was never God’s plan or purpose for any human being. Only the supernatural power of God can open blind eyes and it is the only power that will turn men away from sin.

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