Kingdom Transformation 2016: God Enforces His Covenant

This episode highlights the Kingdom Transformation that God has ordained for 2016. It is a message of Kingdom Dominion in which God enforces His Covenant on behalf of His people. God will manifest His promise to set His People free from the Spirit of Pharaoh and from the slavery of America’s status quo. God announces an end to racism declaring the Kingdom as the “great equalizer,” and “the only place of safety” in America. God also announces the “destruction of His enemies” that are preventing His people from going forth in obedience. It’s all about God’s Covenant. God has answered the prayers of His people and will keep every promise. They are also coming out of bondage with great wealth in this season. God is making them a Blessing in order to bless the world. We are about to see the love and goodness of God towards all mankind. Link to Two Trains Prophecy.

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