No Guts, No Glory, No Crown

This podcast continues with the topic of INCREASE as Paula Matthews teaches that the Crown of Life is the believer’s INCREASE for entering into combat and enduring the battle for the Kingdom of God.  The key to winning is submitting to God; and resisting the devil until the job is done; even if it means suffering for a season; otherwise there is no crown or glory.Ms. Matthews shares a recent vision in which the Spirit of God used the analogy of the mythical Trojan horse to describe the purpose and intent for the Body of Christ; a machine of war specifically designed to infiltrate evil territories and cripple all of the powers of darkness of this age.  She encourages listeners to be steadfast in the faith and gives Biblical proof that suffering for God’s Kingdom is the highest honor bestowed upon men on earth. The Lord revealed that the warriors of this season will join in the Hall of Faith; and their stories of victory will be read by future generations, just like we have read about the first Apostles and early church heroes.  This season’s warriors are the Last Apostles chosen to win the final battle to rescue souls and end world-wide oppression.


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