Occupy Till He Comes

This podcast continues to remind listeners that the SHAKING in the earth was planned by God and prophesied in December 2010. Paula Matthews explains that these times of SHAKING are not designed to destroy us, but to return things to God’s original plan and purpose for the earth. She also reminds us that Jesus spoke about these times and told his followers not to fear, but to be of good cheer; He had overcome the world. Given this, it is God’s plan that believers in Jesus Christ ASK, SEEK and KNOCK of God in order that he would reveal his strategy for surviving and thriving during this season. This will be God’s platform to demonstrate that HIS KINGDOM has power over every evil event that will happen in the earth.

Also in this podcast is a quick review of the Prophecy Concerning Israel and how God reveals that the American Church has abandoned the plan of God for America and has chosen to support Israel instead. Ms. Matthews emphasizes that God has a glorious plan for America, but he is waiting for the church to fall in line with his will. To survive during this season, God is calling his people to trust him and not lean upon human understanding. If we will acknowledge him in ALL OUR WAYS, he will direct our path to the appropriate solution for every problem we encounter. Once we are back on the right path, God expects us to OCCUPY TILL HE COMES: continue doing the work of the kingdom and enhancing the quality of life for all inhabitants of the earth.

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