Positioned To Prosper In The Lean and Turbulent Times

In this podcast Paula Matthews continues to confirm that the 2011 Prophecy “Shaking” process is continuing among nations as well as in the heavens and the earth. She declares that one aspect of the turbulence will be a great transfer of wealth in the world.Not only are listeners encouraged to remain faithful in the crisis, but to also move forward on the ideas and businesses God gave them to create. These businesses were specifically designed to capture the wealth that would be released during the transfer.┬áThis teaching reaches back to the covenant promise of wealth that was given to Abraham, and how God strategically sent Joseph to Egypt with a plan that would preserve the posterity of His People (Genesis 45:7). Because of Joseph’s obedience to God, Egypt amassed the wealth of the world which was later given to the People of God when Pharaoh had to let them out of bondage.┬áMs. Matthews declares that now is such a time, and like Joseph, there are Sons of God in the earth who have been given the plan to save the world from famine, destruction and financial ruin. She urges those Sons to boldly step forward for the sake of those who are perishing and watch God transform that which was intended to be evil into His Good Will on earth.


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