Pray For The Safety Of America!

In this episode, Paula Matthews deals with the issues of America as God calls us to “Pray for the Safety Of America!”¬† Concerning President Obama, “He has rejected Me” says God! The Lord is telling the people to turn off the politics and get into their prayer closets, their very lives depend upon it. The deadly violence we have seen will continue. It is our reward for our bloodthirsty¬† words and actions, and our disobedience to God’s law. Politicians say they are for children, and yet they condone killing babies in the womb. Our President can stand up and brag about killing a Muslim leader, while Black children are continually being killed in Chicago. This is barbaric! America has become a bloodthirsty barbaric nation.¬† Judgment is coming upon our nation. It cannot be stopped. Our only hope is earnest prayer to God.

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