Prologue to 2013 Prophecy

Paula Matthews presents this podcast in light of the tragedies that occurred in America this week. It is a prelude to the Prophecy for 2013, The Year of Supernatural Transformation in Intense Darkness. The prophet Isaiah said that darkness would cover the earth and gross darkness upon the people; but then he gave us good news.The Light of God will shine brightly upon God’s people (Isaiah 60:2). Jesus said that iniquity would abound and the love of many shall wax cold (Matthew 24:12).Jesus said it would continue to increase in darkness until he returned. He said that the Body of Christ is to be the Light of the World; a city on the hill that is a beacon of hope to those who are trapped in the darkness (Matthew 5:14). Arise and shine people of God and be that ray of hope for those who have no hope.

A Prayer for Protection

“May The Lord preserve you from all evil; may he preserve your soul.

May The Lord preserve your going out and coming in

From this time forth and even forever more (Psalm 121:7-8).”


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