The Acts of Moses In Our Day

When the Bible refers to the Acts of the Apostles or in the case of this podcast, the Acts of Moses, it not about the men God uses. It’s about the ability of the Holy Spirit to perform acts through faithful men and women of God. In this podcast, Paula Matthews relays the message about what Believers should be doing in this hour while the US Government is shut down. God has revealed coming events to his people and has told them to prepare an ark of safety for their communities and the nation. Listeners are being urged to shut in to prayer while the government is shut down. Listen to God and follow his instructions. The Holy Spirit revealed that we are about to see great acts of God in our nation at the hands of those who are listening and obeying the Spirit. No matter what happens, or what it looks like, God intends to uphold the covenant with the remnant believers in America. As a result, America will prosper once again.

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