The Cure For The Babylonian Spirit

Paula Matthews begins her discussion identifying the religious leaders of the Christian Church as the main perpetrators of the Babylonian spirit in America. She labels this male-dominated religious order as the Modern Day Pharisees; the same religious spirit that put Jesus to death on the cross because they feared that his popularity would threaten their political position.According to Ms. Matthews, the Spirit of God calls these religious leaders political rabble-rousers and conspirators against the faith. She even shares her personal experience of a head-to-head confrontation with a priest who threatened bodily harm if Ms. Matthews did not quit a high profile committee appointment. The Babylonian Spirit entices men who seek power; but that power is limited and doomed to fail because of the curse of Adam in the earth. The cure for this spirit is an even Greater Power; the Power of God’s Love operating through the Sons of God in the earth. Ms. Matthews ends this episode releasing the Love of God and an impartation of obedience to all who hunger and thirst for more out of life; even the Abundant life that only God can give.

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