The Darkness And The Glory

In this podcast, Paula Matthews, author of The War Journal (1999-2010) Volumes I and II, discusses the contrasts between the Darkness and the Glory of God. Darkness (evil, destruction and cursing) is the natural state of a fallen world; a world that has rebelled against God since Adam was cursed and exiled from the Garden of Eden. As darkness increases in the earth it causes the inhabitants to cry out to God because of their oppression. God has declared war on oppression and the Glory is being sent into the earth to execute justice for the oppressed. God did not bring destruction into the earth, but he is prepared to use brute force and destruction in order to free his people. In the original blog entitled, “The Spirit of God Declares War on Oppression,” it was stated that God was planning a violent and hostile take over; there will be no hostages.

Ms. Matthews explains that evil oppressors have deemed themselves as gods in the lives of those whom they have enslaved. God is a jealous God, and he will not allow someone else to Lord over others for long. He will quickly answer the cries of those being oppress. The Glory comes into the earth to rescue the oppress and to judge those who oppress them. On the other hand, the Glory will favorable reward those who have been faithful to God. They will be lavished with wealth and prosperity as the Glory moves across the earth. Listeners are urged to repent and do no harm to others less they also find themselves on the hostile end of God’s judgment.

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