The Glory Of The Lord Is Here!

In this podcast Paula Matthews announces that The Glory of the Lord is Here, and the Spirit of the Lord is hovering over the earth to carryout God’s divine plan.  This episode begins with a prophecy from God stating that there is about to be  “A Restoration of An Ancient Kingdom Dynasty” in the earth. God is about to “Raise a nation in the earth; a nation of those who are obedient to God. Power and glory shall be unto all who obey for it is the Glory of God Manifest in Men.” The world is about to return to the garden of Eden. With this dynasty there will be restoration for all who have been oppressed by evil men.  This includes those who have been wronged because of racial injustice in America.  The Lord has even declared that the glory is here to cure AIDS in the world.  This dynasty is not just in speaking words, but in manifesting supernatural power in the earth. Great wealth and power will be transferred from the oppressors of the earth and placed into the hands of those who will obey God.


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