The Realities Of The Wealth Transfer

In the previous episode we announced that 2014 is The Year Of Open Doors For The Body Of Christ. One of those doors that is opening is that of the “wealth transfer.” Make no mistake, the wealth transfer has begun and people will begin giving away their money and possessions out of fear of God. This is the way it has always been done in Bible days and so it will be in this season of “open doors.” God is about to execute justice on the behalf of his people who have been oppressed and threatened by the enemy. According Paula Matthews, God has declared “a season of his justice; his grand finale before Jesus returns.”  In his justice, God will bring destruction on the oppressors and freedom and wealth to the oppressed. The wealth is to be used to worship God and his purpose in this earth. It will also serve as proof that God is always as he has said, and as he has always been and as he will always be.

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