The Testimony Of Jesus Christ Is The Spirit Of Prophecy

In this timely podcast, Paula Matthews addresses the state of the American Church and it’s preoccupation with end-time Bible prophecy. Church leaders are fearful of end-time tragedies and are looking for a way out before the Great Tribulation comes. Jesus is coming back to earth for a victorious church, but according to the Spirit of God, The American Church is not victorious. It’s Wimpy.” America is on the brink of the greatest spiritual battle ever seen on earth, and the church leaders are distracted with any business but God’s Kingdom business. Many of these leaders are focusing on fulfilling Bible prophecies concerning Israel, discovering who is the Anti-Christ, and the final battle of Armageddon, INSTEAD OF preparing for battle. These leaders are out of order with God’s Kingdom mandate to Occupy Til Jesus comes.

Ms. Matthews gives listeners direction on how to discern truth from err, and how to prepare oneself for the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God on human flesh. She quotes a prophecy from The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I, that was given by the Spirit of God to describe the approaching spiritual battle: “This coming move of God is His Grand Finale before Jesus comes. Fire in the sky and earth; Fireworks. It’s the time of God’s justice: good and bad rewarded for their persistence.” The message concludes with an urgent command for Christian Warriors to arise and take their positions in the Kingdom of God; it is only our refuge from that which is coming upon the earth.

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