We Are On The Brink

This podcast contains a brief summary of American Heritage 101 by Paula Matthews. This episode explores the prophetic statement from the Holy Spirit saying, “Americans don’t value human life.” During the taping, Ms. Matthews received yet another prophecy revealing a demonic plot coming from specific individuals in the Republican party who would risk taking the lives of innocent Americans in order to take over the White House. She declared that God would not let this satanic plot prosper against America; and what the enemy meant for evil God will turn for our good. The audience is told not to fear, but to pray and believe that God will always honor his covenant of prosperity and protection for our nation.Ms. Matthews also talks about training leaders; and she gives a compelling argument and a personal example of how teaching the theory of evolution to young children is not only detrimental, but it lowers the values and expectations for achieving greatness. In the Kingdom of God, humans are taught that God has a prosperous plan and purpose for each individual regardless of race, religion or creed. It’s standards for achievement are high, but the seed sown in one’s individual purpose will result in a perpetual harvest of abundance. Ms. Matthews explains that the issue in America is that there is no regeneration of prosperity or intelligence that can reproduce the blessings our forefathers had. According to Daniel 2:44, God’s Kingdom will destroy all kingdoms of this earth. God’s Kingdom will also stand forever. In the last podcast Ms. Matthews declared that we have entered in the Kingdom Age which means God has taken the helm of the nations.In order to survive the evil days before Jesus returns, America and the nations of the world will have to live in abundance of God’s Kingdom which requires that we value what God values; and right now, the Spirit of God says that we are “On the brink” of a tsunami of his spirit that will overtake and overflow upon those who want to living in his Blessing and prosperity.

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