Welcome To God’s Kingdom Age!

In this episode, Paula Matthews declares that God’s Kingdom Age Has Come! She explains that God has mobilized his army of Sons to go forth with Kingdom Projects equipped with the Blessing of God to replenish the earth. They are preparing the way for the second coming of Jesus Christ; but it’s not church as usual. These obedient soldiers are being called out in the market place. As the Sons of God are obeying it has caused turbulence in the spiritual atmosphere around them. Although the miraculous has come, not everyone is pleased about it.Ms. Matthews gives us a brief look at what we can expect during the Kingdom Age as God pours his Spirit out upon all people. Even now the spiritual atmosphere has shifted bringing about unusual occurrences in the skies and the earth. This new age is also the beginning of the Wealth Transfer and the Power Transfer of leadership of the church. With all these shifts and changes, it is causing a shaking to occur in the earth. According to God, “Church Age has been demolished.” This is the end of the reign of religious oppression in the church. The podcast ends by taking a look at the power struggle among the people of God. Ms. Matthews states that there is a spirit of Athaliah upon the religious reich that wants to take power from the Sons of God; and she offers sound wisdom in overcoming these haters while remaining on task. For many it will be a fight to the death. Christians will refuse to recognize God’s Spirit and will call him the spirit of the devil. Those who refuse to repent will die in their sin. It a great time for miracles and for God to show himself strong on behalf of the oppressed. God will fight their battles and set them free indeed!

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