You Shall Have What You Say!

This episode continues the discussion of topics from the 2015 Prophecy. Ms. Matthews reveals that the world is in a supernatural realm where the words we speak have taken on a more powerful dimension. Americans stand up for their rights to free speech, but in this season we are about to see that the nation is in turmoil because of what the church has been saying any doing.  Instead of speaking God’s word that heals, the church has been repeating the words of the media and politicians. Every word and every action is about to reap a harvest.Darkness is about to cover our earth and the gates of hell will prevail against the traditional church that has rejected the revelation knowledge of Jesus Christ.  They had chosen to speak and live the wisdom of men rather than that which comes directly from the Father above. Ms. Matthews says that no man is capable of dealing with what is coming upon the earth. Unless one knows how to walk in the supernatural power of God, they will not be able to survive what is coming upon the earth. All is not lost, for God is about to raise up a remnant of believers who will demonstrate the kingdom and bring Light that will destroy the darkness.

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