There Is Supernatural Power In Our Words

Paula Matthews has just released our latest podcast that continues the discussion of the 2015 Prophecy.  In this episode she discusses how Americans want freedom of speech, but in this season they are about to reap an evil harvest of what they have been saying. It’s time to repent. Ms. Matthews exhorts believers to “Stay in the Word. Stay in Faith, and Walk as Jesus Walked.” Jesus did and said, only what God told him to say and do. That is what God expects of all Christians. If we want a better world, we have to speak what God speaks. God speaks the solutions and not the problems.

Listen Now!   You Shall Have What You Say!

New Title Releases!

These books take a prophetic look at the Christian church in America and reveals why it has not been able to establish kingdom dominion in this world. Jesus said that his church would be built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets. These offices were never recognized as important to the church in America. They devised their own order in religion and not according to the spiritual protocol the Lord established from the beginning. Because American churches have eliminated these two foundational offices, the church of Jesus Christ was never built in the nation. What the American religious community failed to realize is that God’s purpose for spiritual order was for the establishment of the kingdom, not just for the church. Kingdom order must be implemented in America if the nation is to survive the darkness that will bring more terrorism and wars upon the earth. God’s solution: The unveiling of an underground church in America. These are the Sons of God, the last apostles of our age; those who will slay the Goliaths and reveal the kingdom in our midst.

Hear the word of the Lord (Released 8/31/14):

“Arm yourselves with the truth! Something is coming your way that could devastate you if you are not prepared. I am your God. Heed my voice, my people. For you are always destroyed because you lack the knowledge and wisdom to forge ahead in this life. Don’t do as you always do and reject the words of my prophets; the words I have spoken and sent to protect you from destruction. Heed my word. Prepare yourselves! My kingdom is your refuge in times of trouble. Come into the kingdom and find safety. These are the days of peril that my Son spoke about. They are upon you, not to destroy you, but to prepare you for his coming reign upon the earth. Heed my voice and you shall be established. Believe in my prophets also and you shall prosper!”

Stay Tuned For Podcast About The 2014 Wealth Transfer

We are in the process of producing our newest podcast “The Realities Of The Wealth Transfer.” God has opened doors for his people this year in the most unprecedented way. There have been many prophecies about a “wealth transfer” but most of what we have heard has been a small part of what will actually happen. God alone knows all the details, but he has given Paula Matthews a closer glimpse of how and why the wealth is being transferred. Stay Tuned! 

Curious About 2014? Check Out Our Prophecy Page

2014 Is Almost Here and in case you didn’t know, we just released our latest podcast discussion on the Prophecy for 2014.  Along with listening, you can also read that and other prophecies on our Prophecy Page on this site. We have both the RSS posted for Let’s Talk Prophecy in addition to other memorable prophecies we have posted over the years concerning the president, our nation and the church.

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