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“It’s A New Day,” Says God


“A Righteous Nation of people is arising in this earth
with both wealth and power.
They are arising with wisdom and faith beyond
what this world has seen.”
“It is My Time” says God.
“It is My Time to show the absolute splendor and majesty
of My Power in MY people.
It will be a splendid display like none other.
It is My Grand Finale in This Earth
before the return of My Son. He is coming,
and very soon to set up His Kingdom upon the earth.”
“What you will see in the coming hours and days is just a
foretaste of what you can expect
when My Kingdom has fully manifested on earth.
Oh the goodness! Oh the power and majesty! Oh such
beauty and power, love and grace
as only I can produce in My Power.
Know this. That is will be by My Power that all this
manifests before your eyes.”
“Enjoy the display! Join in my Kingdom agenda and be part
of the Greatest Holy Ghost Show On Earth thus far!”
Says Almighty God