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E.P.I.C. Visionary Partner Testimonies Are Coming In!

Have You Joined Our New Ministry Partnership Yet?

Here Is Just One Of The Testimonies We Have Received

After Just One Week Of Making This Partnership Available

“I donated $7 one morning, by that afternoon, I received an email from my school saying that they owed me a significant refund. I didn’t understand because my classes were paid in full with nothing extra. God told me how much to partner, and he said that it was he who gave the increase; and in the same day!”  DMK, Ohio

There are more testimonies of God moving supernaturally, almost immediately after people have joined. Get In On This Supernatural Wave Of Provision TODAY!


Stay Tuned For Podcast About The 2014 Wealth Transfer

We are in the process of producing our newest podcast “The Realities Of The Wealth Transfer.” God has opened doors for his people this year in the most unprecedented way. There have been many prophecies about a “wealth transfer” but most of what we have heard has been a small part of what will actually happen. God alone knows all the details, but he has given Paula Matthews a closer glimpse of how and why the wealth is being transferred. Stay Tuned!